Master’s Program (M.S.) in General Psychology

The Master of Science (M.S.) in General Psychology is a two-year, 48-hour program that reflects a thorough education and training in the science of psychology, integrated with a Catholic understanding of the person, marriage, and family life.  It serves as a foundation for further graduate studies in psychology, as well as other fields such as human resources, public policy and journalism, among others.

Students are provided graduate education in the basic science of psychology through courses on the history and systems of psychology, personality theories, psychopathology, statistics and research design, developmental psychology, social psychology, biological bases of behavior, and cognitive psychology.

The program also requires a thesis (6 credit hours) which can take the form of a critical review or original research (either theoretical or empirical).  The student must present a proposal to a thesis committee, conduct the research, and submit a written report for approval by the committee.

The M.S. Program in General Psychology is rigorous and prepares students with a thorough understanding of integrated psychology.