IPS Authors Special Issue for Christian Psychology Journal

IPS Authors Special Catholic Issue for  Christian Psychology Journal

(June 8, 2009 ) The Institute for the Psychological Sciences has the distinctive honor of authoring the first Catholic issue for the respected publication Edification: A Journal of the Society of Christian Psychology.

To date, this is Edification’s only issue devoted to expounding upon the integration of psychology and faith from an explicitly Catholic perspective.

Eight IPS faculty members, including Dean Gladys Sweeney, Ph.D. and former faculty member and guest editor Christian Brugger, Ph.D. were invited by Edification to contribute articles for their most recent publication, Special Issue: Catholic Psychology/Dialogue on Christian Psychology.

“This issue of Edification is the best single source to date representing the IPS approach to psychology from a Catholic perspective. Read it and enjoy and be challenged!” says contributing writer and IPS Professor of Psychology Paul C. Vitz.

Among the articles featured include:

• Reconceiving Personality Theory from a Catholic Christian Perspective by Paul Vitz, Ph.D.

• Training Psychologists and Christian Anthropology by Gladys M. Sweeney, Ph.D., Craig Steven Titus, S.T.D., Ph.D.and William Nordling, Ph.D.

• Implications of Catholic Anthropology for Psychological Assessment by Frank Moncher, Ph.D.

• Connecting Catholic Anthropology to a Secular Culture by Roger Scruton, Ph.D.

• Beyond DSM-IV-TR:  Some Considerations for Psychodiagnostics from a Catholic Perspective on the Person by Philip Scrofani, Ph.D. and G. Alexander Ross, Ph.D.

• Implications of a Catholic Anthropology for Developing a Catholic Approach to Psychotherapy by William Nordling, Ph.D. and Philip Scrofani, Ph.D.

The much-anticipated issue is a source of great pride for the IPS community and an opportunity to communicate the Institute’s philosophy and curriculum to a broader Christian audience. See the entire publication here.

Edification is the primary publication of the Society of Christian Psychology, a division of the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACS).  The association serves a membership of nearly 50,000.