Alumni Services


Welcome to Alumni Services!  Here is your place to find resources and services you will need as an IPS Alumni. Our goal is to assist alumni in their professional development, so that they can share the IPS mission wherever they work.

We are proud to offer you the following:

  • Listing in the free IPS Alumni Referral Directory here.
  • Free access to IPS Online Certificate courses with discounted CE costs. Please email us for complete information.
  • Special Training opportunities
  • Access to the IPS Network List Serv which will provide a forum of professional questions, job opportunities, referral information or general questions.
  • Volunteer for additional mentorship opportunities to current IPS students

We hope that you stay in touch with us and your fellow graduates.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions at

Alumni Referral Directory Submission

IPS Alumni Referral Directory

Opt-In IPS Network List Serv

IPS Network List Serv

Transcript Request

Official and unofficial academic transcripts are issued by the Office of Enrollment Services to the student or directly to their designated third party. With a completed and signed Transcript Request Form students may request a hard copy of their academic transcript. Academic transcripts cannot be transmitted electronically. All academic transcripts are delivered in person or by the postal service.

Once your signed Transcript Request Form has been received, please allow 10 Business Days for the processing of transcripts. It is the responsibility of the requester to allow sufficient time to meet a deadline. If you have not allowed sufficient time to meet a deadline, every effort will be made to assist you with your rush request, however we are unable to guarantee delivery in less than 10 business days.

 To Request a Transcript:

To obtain a copy of your transcript, please fill out a Transcript Request Form.

Submit your Transcript Request Form to the Registrar’s office:

  • In Person
  • By Fax: Be sure to include a cover sheet clearly marked to the attention of Enrollment Services/Registrar as well as a signed Transcript Request Form. Fax documents to 703-416-8588.
  • By Email: Scan and email your signed Transcript Request Form to
  • By Mail: Mail your signed Transcript Request Form to:
    Enrollment Services Office
    2001 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Suite 511
    Arlington, VA  22202


Download the Transcript Request Form.

Change of Contact Information

Change of Contact Information

The Enrollment Services Office is here to maintain your academic records and assist you during and after your academic career at the Institute for the Psychological Sciences.  Please remember to let us know whenever your personal contact information changes so that we always have the most up-to-date contact information for you.  When your information has changed, fill out the appropriate form below or complete the Change of Contact Information Form and return to Enrollment Services.

Change of Name

Change of Name

Official name changes (permanent change of record) can only be made in person. The Registrar will certify the authenticity of the documents, make copies for the Permanent Academic Record, and return original documents. Notarized copies of necessary documents may be accepted if residing outside of the IPS region and unable to submit in person.

Without official documentation, students may request the ADDITION of a new name to their contact info by submitting this Form to the Registrar. PLEASE NOTE: the original name on record remains as the official name.

To request an official change of name, please complete the Change of Name Request Form.