Alumni Testimonials

Andrew Sodergren, Psy.D., Class of 2009

Dr. Sodergren is currently using the skills he acquired at IPS as a clinical psychologist at Ruah Woods in Cincinnati, OH and as an adjunct professor at the John Paul II Institute of Studies for Marriage and Family in Washington, D.C. Read more testimonials like Andrew’s.

“After completing my internship and post-doctoral training with Catholic Social Services of Lincoln, NE, I came to Ruah Woods, an up-and-coming Theology of the Body ministry, to start a Catholic psychology practice in 2011. We call it Ruah Woods Psychological Services (RWPS). Running this practice has challenged and blessed me in many ways.

I continually strive to establish RWPS on sound Catholic principles, good science, and sensible office practices. Clinically, I work with adults, children, couples, families, priests, and seminarians. I am thankful for the opportunity to perform vocational assessments for those applying to priestly or religious vocations as well.

I have also continued my involvement with the John Paul II Institute. I annually co-teach a course entitled “Issues in Psychological and Neurological Science: Gender, Marriage, and Family.” In addition, I have participated in various projects with the John Paul II Institute’s Center for Cultural and Pastoral Research, including contributing a chapter on marriage and forgiveness for a recent book project.

Besides all of this, I have been active in public and professional speaking engagements over the last couple of years. Many of these have been local events here in Cincinnati, but I have also given presentations to such professional groups as:

• The Catholic Psychotherapy Association
• The Catholic Social Workers National Association
• The Integritas Institute of the University of Illinois-Chicago Newman Center
• The Department of Psychology, Sociology, & Social Work at Franciscan University of Steubenville.

Through IPS’s Online Education initiative, I have also developed a 2-part webinar entitled “How We Learn to Love” in which I review the most recent science and theory on attachment, how attachment affects our psychological, moral, and spiritual growth, and how to use this knowledge therapeutically to help people become more fully human.

I have found that there is a great need for professionals to integrate solid, psychological science with a Catholic anthropology. The more people engaged in this project the better, because the world is hungry for truth about what it means to be human. I am thankful to God and to IPS for the opportunity to participate in this mission, and I encourage others who feel similarly called to jump in.

See what Dr. Andrew Sodergren is doing now at his practice.

Ruah Woods Psychological Services (RWPS)

John Paul II Institute of Studies for Marriage and Family