Our Alumni

IPS Alumni are an exciting part of our history. These men and women responded to the call of a vocation to heal because they believe in our vision and mission: combining the best scientific and clinical psychology with truths about the human person, marriage and the family from philosophy and theology.

IPS graduates are in demand and making a difference nationally and internationally in the mental health field. They are successfully working in private practice, hospitals, community clinics, seminaries, campus ministries, outreach services, and academia.  As our alumni will attest, the need for well-trained clinicians is great.

Within the past year alone, IPS graduates have gone on to:

  • Open a private practice in New York City;
  • Work with Dr. Louise Guerney, the foremost authority and one of the founders of child-centered play therapy, in publishing a new reference book;
  • Work as counselors in Catholic, Christian and secular clinics;
  • Assist victims of human trafficking;
  • Join the IPS faculty.


To learn more about how IPS alumni are making an impact on the culture, please see Alumni Testimonials.

“Every day, I enter into the pain of broken families and hurting children. I rely on the skills I learned and practiced at IPS daily. Often, as a way of persevering through the emotional difficulty that is inherent in confronting so much suffering, I must remind myself of the faith and hope I witnessed in the lives and careers of my IPS professors.” Jim Donahue, M.S.

“I think that being able to understand psychology from a Catholic perspective has allowed me to see the personhood and inherent dignity of my clients more fully. Additionally, it has enabled me to have a fuller sense of what I’m trying to guide my clients toward — a flourishing life rather than simply a reduction of symptoms.” Michael Horne, Psy.D.

“I’m currently pursuing licensure in the state of Texas which borders my hometown of Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. The need for good Catholic psychologists is undeniable. IPS gave me the comprehensive tools to help improve the lives of individuals and families and I thank God for this opportunity.” Laura Garza, M.S.

There is a great need for people to integrate solid, psychological science with a Catholic anthropology.  The more people engaged in this project the better, because the world is hungry for truth about what it means to be human.” Andrew Sodregren, Psy.D.

“I was drawn to the idea of being in an intellectual community that thinks from within the Church. At IPS, I saw the possibility of overcoming the split between faith and work, which is so common in our modern world.” Margaret Laracy, Psy.D.

“Throughout my years at IPS, the faculty challenged me and my fellow classmates to question and think deeply about the dignity of the human person, suffering, and health. Through this ongoing discussion, the program assisted me to develop a philosophical and clinical framework based upon respect for the human person.” Patrick Graveline, Psy.D.