Our Alumni

Po-Yee Yeung, M.S., Class of 2010

Please tell us about yourself

I’m currently working in private practice as a psychotherapist under the supervision of a registered psychologist in Toronto, Ontario.

My specialty includes helping individuals and couples, and providing group therapy for adults.

I also work as a teacher assistant for an adjunct professor in the psychology department of Tyndale University and Seminary.

One of the benefits of working in a multicultural city like Toronto is that I have the opportunity to practice therapy in my native language which is Cantonese and Mandarin.

In the future, I want to bring together Catholic psychologists, psychotherapists and social workers from around the Greater Toronto Area to discuss ways we can integrate our faith with our work, and to be a source of support for each other.

What was your experience like at IPS?

The knowledge I gained and the personal growth I experienced at IPS will always play a very important role in my life.

I often tell people how great my experience was at IPS. Those who studied alongside me know I affectionately refer to that time as “one percent of heaven.”

Having the chapel next door to my classroom gave me a greater awareness of God’s presence. Whenever I was having difficulty in a class, especially in philosophy or theology, I would walk into the chapel during break and say to God, “you sent me here and you must have a plan, please help me to understand what I need to know?”

That unique opportunity to pray and talk to God in such an intimate setting brought me so much closer to Him.

How was student life?

Being a part of the IPS community was remarkable. People at IPS are so loving and so helpful. It was because of them that I began to understand what love truly is, how we can make God’s love present in this world, and how we can share this love with other people.

Knowledge is important, intelligence is important, skills are important, theory is important, but I think the experience at IPS is the most important of all. My classmates and professors helped me to learn so much, including learning more about myself.

How has IPS helped to shape you personally and professionally?

I remember thinking at the end of my studies that I had become someone so different. My relationship with God is stronger and my understanding of the human person is much richer and complete.

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