Alumni Testimonials

Anne Devine, M.S., Class of 2013

“Integrating philosophy, theology and psychology is a beautiful blend and I can truly see the splendor of our anthropology at work when I’m seeing clients.”  Read more testimonials like Anne’s.

Shortly after graduation, I accepted a counseling position with Catholic Charities in the Diocese of Arlington, VA (CCDA).

I now work at St. Margaret of Cortona Transitional Housing providing Filial Family Therapy to its residents as well as to the clients at CCDA’s satellite office in Colonial Beach.

Needless to say, I am very excited about my new job.

Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

God has continually surprised me with the plans He has for me!

I desired to be a therapist during high school but was too afraid of the emotional toll that it could take on me.

After being a substitute teacher in Idaho at a small Catholic Academy, I changed my major from Business to Elementary Education.

My excitement and passion for teaching only increased during my student teaching, but soon the Lord offered me something different.

I became a FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) Missionary, serving college students through discipleship, small group Bible studies, and evangelization.

During my five years as a missionary, Jesus continually placed students in my life who were broken and suffering.

It was during my spontaneous and providential visit to IPS that I sat in a class and was captivated by what was being taught.

What I learned in those three hours was not only helpful in my current ministry but intrigued me enough to apply to the program.

The difficult crosses and issues I experienced in serving college students was what brought me to see the new career path that the Lord had designed for me.

He was no longer calling me to feed souls spiritually, but to assist souls in healing and growing emotionally and mentally!

Why did you choose IPS to earn your advanced degree?

I really did not want to go back to school but the Lord had different plans.

As I had said earlier, I decided to visit IPS while in the area and during my visit to the school and sitting in a class, I knew that I had to at least apply and see what the Lord had in store for me.

IPS’ intimate environment, as well as its hope filled mission was captivating.

When I was offered a spot in the program, I knew that I could not turn down the opportunity to pursue a career that I had desired since I was in high school.

IPS provides a well-rounded education that challenges me both academically and spiritually.

What qualities of IPS do you appreciate the most?

The unique qualities of IPS and the familial environment is something I value greatly about the school.

Integrating philosophy, theology and psychology is a beautiful blend and I can truly see the splendor of our anthropology at work when I’m seeing clients.

Having faithful, intelligent and clinically experienced professors encourages me to become a faithful Catholic therapist.

What advice would you like to pass on to prospective students?

I would recommend prospective students to have conversations with the students and professors to see first-hand if this is where they are called.

My mixed feelings were dissipated and my passion for the mission and career increased after talking to one of the professors.

If psychology is a new educational focus, be prepared for a challenge, but know others, including myself, have experienced the sharp learning curve and are willing to help with the transition.