Alumni Testimonials

Anna Adams, M.S., Class of 2013


Anna Adams, MS, Class of 2013, will be an In-Home Therapist at Arbour-Fuller Hospital in Fall River, MA Read more testimonials like Anna’s.



What are your plans after Graduation?

I have obtained a position with Arbour-FullerHospital in Fall River, MA, where I will serve as an In-Home Therapist. I am looking to gain the training and experience necessary to obtain licensure in a variety of states including MA, VA, IN, KY, and TN.

How do you feel your training at IPS has prepared you for your career?

The education and training that I received from IPS prepared me well to face the challenges that come with clinical work.  I did my master’s-level externship at Expressive Therapy Center (ETC) in Rockville, MD, a group practice that focuses on serving children and adolescents.

I was particularly grateful for Dr. Nordling’s classes in Child-Centered Play Therapy and Relationship Enhancement Therapy. I found myself practicing my skills in a variety of ways. For instance, because my site supervisor was an art therapist, I found that I could practice a non-directive art therapy from a child-centered therapy framework.

Because my classes and training also helped me to be familiar with a wide variety of assessments and treatment interventions, I was prepared to communicate and collaborate effectively with other professionals in the mental health field. I feel that my education and training with IPS truly made a difference in my externship experience.

Why did you choose IPS for graduate school?

I was drawn to IPS’ academic model which seeks to understand the human person through a psychological, philosophical, and theological perspective. Because their approach focused on fundamental principles of human nature, I felt that an IPS education could provide me with both a rich understanding human person in the context of clinical psychology.

Could you give us some brief background information about yourself?

Born and raised in South Bend IN, I am the middle child of a Catholic family of fourteen (my parents and eleven siblings). Because my siblings are fairly close in age, we learned to get along through love, patience, and service to one another.

Throughout high school and undergrad I attended educational institutions that focused on liberal arts. I received my B.A. in Philosophy from Christendom College in Front Royal, VA.

Although I knew from as early as high school that I wanted a career in the mental health field, I wanted to obtain and understand the principles of human nature that philosophy had to offer.

I was overjoyed to discover that IPS offered a program that married philosophy with psychology. Once I realized that this school could offer the training and skills necessary for clinical work within the context of a Catholic understanding of the human person, it was not a hard choice to commit to the IPS clinical psychology program.

Any advice you’d like to pass on to prospective students who are considering studying at IPS?

Sure! One aspect of the IPS culture that I learned to appreciate over the past three years is the fact that it truly is a community of learners.

Faculty, staff, and fellow students were always more than happy to help wherever help was needed. I knew I could count on them for their wisdom and guidance.

Between the regular peer study groups or faculty case consultation, the IPS community offers many opportunities to further educate outside the classroom. My advice to any prospective student is to take advantage of these opportunities, embrace learning both in and out of the classroom!