After finishing her M.S. in Clinical Psychology in December 2012, Sr. Bernadette reflects on her IPS training and education and how they impact her work today as a campus minister at the University of Notre Dame, Australia. Read more testimonials like Sr. Bernadette’s.

I came to IPS hoping to deepen my knowledge in the area of Christian Anthropology, in order to understand better who man is and how he can become all he is called to be.

I wanted to learn how I could better fulfill my mission as a JPII Sister (evangelization, formation, building community), especially for those with mental illness.

By the grace of God, great curriculum, professors and fellow students, I hit the jackpot.

So many of the subjects gave me profound insights into the structure of the interior life (and how this relates to the body), and how we can order all that we are to what is Truly Good.

This is a necessary foundation for someone working in the areas I do. You can’t guide or teach someone unless you know what constitutes their person and the direction proper to their nature.

I have already used my studies in my one-on-one meetings with others and in courses of human/personal and spiritual formation in the Church.

It affects almost everything I do because it helped form how I see and relate to others. In the future, I hope to further my studies, and provide more spiritual direction, therapy, and formation programs.


Patrick Graveline, Psy.D., Class of 2007

Successfully passing both the EPPP and the Maryland Jurisprudence exam for licensure, Dr. Graveline is now a licensed therapist at a community-based facility in Bethesda, MD.

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Su Li Lee, Psy.D., Class of 2012

The most recent IPS graduate to join the faculty, Dr. Lee brings her rich training in both the humanities and empirical psychology to the service of current students.

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Andrew Sodergren, Psy.D., Class of 2009

Dr. Sodergren is currently using the skills he acquired at IPS as a clinical psychologist at Ruah Woods in Cincinnati, OH and as an adjunct professor at the John Paul II Institute of Studies for Marriage and Family in Washington, D.C.

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Anne Devine, M.S., Class of 2013

Anne Devine, M.S., Class of 2013, now works at St. Margaret of Cortona Transitional Housing providing Filial Family Therapy.

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