The IPS Scholarly Research Center

Promotes creative reflection, conferences and publications that develop an integrated theoretical understanding of the human person and society.

The Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman Series

Now in its thirteenth year, the Newman Lectures feature speakers who are widely recognized for their contributions to the fields of psychology, moral and political philosophy, theology, and law.

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Monograph Series

Publishes original scholarly works that promote studies in the broad field of the psychological sciences.

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IPS Press

The Institute’s academic press is committed to publishing first class books in areas relevant to the Institute’s mission.

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The IPS Model: Faculty Integration Project

Clinical psychology promotes the mental health and well-being of the human person. It therefore should be guided by a sound understanding of the complete reality of the person.

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The Anthropology Project: Philosophical Virtue and Psychological Strengths

This endeavor aims to identify those elements of the Catholic tradition that remain indispensible for sustaining a proper dialogue between Christianity and secular psychology.

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IPS Authors Special Catholic Issue for Christian Psychology Journal

IPS has the distinctive honor of authoring the first Catholic issue for the respected publication Edification: A Journal of the Society of Christian Psychology.

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