Student Life

Be A Mentor

One of our newest initiatives to enhance the IPS student experience is establishing student- student and alumnus-student mentoring relationships.  The 2012 incoming class has already been paired with second year students who have similar areas of interest and focus.  Now we’d like to begin matching our doctoral level students with graduates who are already working in the field and can provide invaluable information about the last years in the program, externship experiences and transitioning into full-time work.

No matter your current position, we are certain to have students who would be interested in learning from your specific path.  The time commitment is as small or as large as you can manage – you choose how much you’d like to share!  Keep in mind that much can be communicated through a brief email or phone call.  Please consider investing in the future leaders of integrative clinical practice.

Send your basic contact information and a bit about your current work and expressing your interest in serving as a mentor.

Thank you in advance!