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Document Delivery & ILL Services
Books and other documents not available at the IPS Thelen Library may be obtained via document delivery or Interlibrary loan (ILL) from other libraries.   Currently registered students of IPS are eligible for document delivery and InterLibrary Loan services through the IPS Thelen Library. Patrons may request document delivery or ILL by completing the requisite form and submitting it to a librarian. The document delivery service or lending library may charge photocopying or other processing fees. Users will be informed of any fees prior to submission.  All fees must be paid to IPS upon receipt of the materials. Payment may be made by cash or check, made payable to IPS, and submitted to a librarian.

Currently registered students of IPS are eligible for document delivery and InterLibrary Loan services through the IPS Thelen Library.  Materials available from the GMU or Dominican College Libraries, in most cases, will not be requested through document delivery or ILL.

Submitting Requests
Patrons may request document delivery or ILL by completing the requisite form and submitting it to the Library staff.  ILL requests may also be placed through the IPS Thelen Library OPAC. Requests submitted with incomplete citations or insufficient information to locate the item will be returned to the user.  A maximum of five (5) requests may be submitted per week. Requests exceeding this limit will be returned to the user and can be resubmitted the following week.

Notification of materials availability will be accomplished by e-mail, telephone, or a notice placed in the student’s IPS mailbox when requested items are ready for pickup in the IPS Thelen Library.  Books will be returned to the lending library if not picked up by the date the item is due to be returned.  Photocopies of journal articles will be discarded if not picked up within 14 days.

Document Delivery & Interlibrary Loan Fees
The document delivery service or lending library may charge photocopying or other processing fees.  Users will be informed of any fees prior to submission. All fees must be paid to IPS upon receipt of the materials. Payment may be made by cash, check or credit card to the IPS Business Office.

Renewals and Fines
The due date for ILL items appears on a band around the cover. Renewal, if needed, must be requested at least three (3) days before the original due date. Renewals are subject to the policies of the lending library and may not be granted in all cases.

Loan periods and other restrictions on the use of ILL items are determined by the lending library.  If a borrowed item is recalled by the lending library, the user will be notified that the item must be returned to the IPS Thelen Library immediately.  Interlibrary loan items are also subject to the lending library’s overdue policies, fees and replacement costs.

Reference and Research Services

IPS librarians provide library orientation, reference assistance, general and subject specific research instruction and assistance to students.  The intent of library orientation, instruction and assistance is to ensure that students learn to utilize the resources and services of the Library effectively and efficiently; to improve and enhance the research skills of IPS students; and to facilitate the development of lifelong learning skills.

Library Orientation
At the beginning of each academic year, the Library staff participates in the general student orientation of the Institute and provide students with an overview of Library policies and services.

Reference Assistance
Ready reference and reference assistance provide answers to routine informational inquiries or requests for assistance.  Inquiries may be made in-person, through the Library’s OPAC, and by telephone; and are subject to a thirty minute limit for response time.  In most cases, responses are less than thirty minutes, but the ability to provide this level of service may be limited by the demands for assistance and service at the time of the request.  Inquiries requiring more than thirty minutes to answer are considered research assistance and are subject to intake and other structured approaches identified below.

Research Assistance
Since students are required to conduct various types and levels of research in fulfilling course assignments, the Library provides individual research assistance tailored to meet the level of complexity and need.  A request for research assistance is initiated by the student by completing a Research Assistance Request form and interviewing with a librarian to define the parameters and scope of the research.   The librarian then provides assistance/guidance to the student in using the various materials and supplementary the resources of the IPS Thelen Library, as well as assistance in locating materials outside of the Library.

LIB 500 & Bibliographic/Research Instruction
All new IPS students are required to take the non-credit IPS course, LIB 500 Library and Information Use and Research.  The course  includes instruction in the use of library print and online resources, the development of research strategies, information evaluation, as well as, an introduction to the use of the APA Style Manual.  In addition, periodic classes may be held as needed during each semester on conducting general information research using the IPS Thelen Library Collections, including the electronic resources and the Internet.  These classes are conducted by a librarian, to address the information and research needs of students regardless of their classification level.
Privileges With Other Libraries

* Dominican House of Studies.  The IPS has also entered into a cooperative agreement with the Dominican College Library of the Dominican House of Studies for purposes of supporting the Institute’s mission of integrating theology and philosophy with clinical psychology.  IPS students are allowed to borrow five (5) books at a time and may renew any item three (3) times during the semester.  The Dominican College Library has an extensive collection of works emphasizing philosophy and theology, as well as other topics on religion and Catholic family life.  The collection includes 75,000 volumes of books and monographs, more than 400 current subscriptions, as well as an archive of 920 bound titles spanning the 19th-21st centuries.  It should be noted that the emphasis on philosophy and theology of the collection serves as an excellent supplementary resource for the IPS students given the mission of the IPS to develop a Catholic approach to psychology.
* George Mason University.  The IPS Thelen Library maintains a cooperative service agreement with the Fenwick Library at George Mason University (GMU) in Fairfax, VA, which allows all registered IPS students full borrowing privileges.  The Fenwick Library is the main research library of the GMU Library System. It should be noted that this library supports George Mason University’s Ph.D. program in clinical psychology, and thus, is an ideal enhancement to the resources available for IPS students.  Additionally, the GMU Library supports a wide range of academic disciplines, and therefore, maintains a strong wide-ranging collection.

There are three branches of the George Mason University Library system: the Arlington Campus Library in Arlington, VA., the Johnson Center Library in Fairfax, VA., and the Prince William Campus Library in Manassas, VA. (The GMU Law Library is not included in the agreement.)  These multiple branches provide a larger and perhaps more convenient choice of direct access for IPS students living near one of the branch campuses.

The Fenwick Library houses most of the GMU library system’s print collection in all disciplines, including journals, and would probably be the main location used by the majority of IPS students.  The main reference room contains 16 stacks of major reference tools. Print resources in psychology include: guides to the literature, dictionaries and general psychology encyclopedias, specialized encyclopedias, handbooks, biographical sources, and online journal indexes available through POLARIS – the online information system of the GMU Library.  POLARIS is also available via the Internet through the GMU website and is a link available on the IPS Thelen Library OPAC.

* Other Libraries.  The Washington, DC metro area includes numerous libraries that provide access to students generally.  These include the libraries at Georgetown University, George Washington University, the Catholic University of America, American University, and the University of Maryland.  Many of these schools support either Psy.D or Ph.D. degrees in psychology.  Students also have access to the National Library of Medicine and to the library at the National Institutes of Health, both of which have extensive psychology holdings; and to the Library of Congress.  All of these libraries are accessible via the METRO subway system.

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