Student Life

Student Life and Concerns Committee

The Student Life and Concerns Committee (SLCC) plans social and spiritual activities for students and serves as the formal channel of communication between the student body and the Institute’s administration.

The SLCC is the recognized student leadership and student governance body of the Institute and works closely with the Office of Student Services. The SLCC is made up of eight current members of the IPS student body. There are two types of members: officers and representatives. The four officer positions are president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. Of the four representatives, two facilitate the social life of the IPS student body, one is a member of the Library Committee, and one serves to promote the spiritual aspects of the IPS mission.

Members and officers of the SLCC are elected by the student body in the spring semester and serve one-year terms.  In support of the student life programs and services, a student activity fee is paid by each student enrolled at IPS.

Questions about student life or concerns may be submitted here.