Doctoral Students Speak at College Symposium on the New Evangelization

Fr. Joe Tatro, M.S. and Christina McShane, M.S.

IPS doctoral students Christina McShane, M.S., and Fr. Joe Tatro, M.S., were among the featured speakers at Benedictine College’s April 5-6 Symposium “Building a Culture of Freedom.”

McShane’s talk Transformational Leadership and Attachment Theory: Implications for Building a Culture of Freedom explored how attachment theory can contribute to transformational leadership, formation, and development.

“It was a privilege to join individuals across disciplines to dialogue about how our professions can contribute to advancing the New Evangelization and building a culture of freedom,” said McShane following her talk.

Fr. Tatro, of the diocese of Wichita, KS, is a graduate of Benedictine who has served as vocations director and college campus chaplain.  He presented Early Attachment and Freedom for Vocation.

In his talk, Fr. Tatro stressed that secure attachment is critical for people to be free to pursue the vocation to which God calls them.  He explained, “The intimacy required of one’s vocation (marriage, parenthood, religious, single life, etc.) is affected by the relationship with parents in his or her early life.”

Now in its second year, the symposium offers scholarly and practical talks on the New Evangelization. For more information about this year’s symposium, click here.