Duke University Offers IPS Doctoral Student Summer TA Position

Octavia Ratiu

Arlington, VA, June 5, 2013

IPS student Octavia Ratiu has been selected to be a teaching assistant by Duke University for an Abnormal Psychology course through the Duke Talent & Identification Program. This summer program identifies academically gifted high school students and provides a stimulating learning milieu on its campus.

Ratiu will be working under the guidance of another doctoral student in psychology, teaching 20 students for 3 weeks, aiming to expose them to the wide range of psychological disorders found in the DSM-IV-TR, the newly released DSM-5, and current research in the field. In doing so, students will be encouraged to think critically about how society defines and treats abnormality.

“I am particularly enthusiastic about this opportunity as a way to gain valuable teaching experience, as well as being in an environment where I can represent the IPS perspective in dialogue with other conceptions of psychology,” said Ratiu.