How to spot a bully? IPS doctoral students address bullying topic in local schools

Jill Bohacik, M.S.(L.), and Stacie Kula, M.S. (R.), talked with students and faculty about bullying.

The playground bully turned cyber-bully is a hot topic for teachers and students.

On January 4, 2013, IPS doctoral students Jill Bohacik, M.S., and Stacie Kula, M.S., addressed the issue at two local schools.  For the students (grades 3-8) and their teathers at St. Ambrose School in Annandale, VA, Bohacik and Kula covered a number of points, including what bullying looks like, and offered concrete ways to respond if they find themselves or others being bullied.

Bohacik and Kula ended the presentation with a prayer for bullies – calling on the Mercy of God to heal the hurts in their heart, that they might not feel the need to hurt others.  The response by the teachers and particularly the students, was quite favorable.

Said Bohacik, “The kids really seemed to enjoy the prayer and I think it helped them understand a little bit more about why others bully.”

Kula also gave a presentation in December on “How to Prevent Bullying and Develop Christian Charity in Students,” for faculty at St. John Academy, McLean, Virginia.

Doctoral students Valentina Diglio, M.S., Michael Murphy, M.S., and Fr. Joseph Tatro, M.S.,  returned to  St. Ambrose School on January 8, 2013, to educate students in grades 4-8 about CyberSafety.  The Psy.D. students  met with classes in 45-minute sessions beginning at 10 am and ending at 3 pm.