M.S. General Curriculum

The Master of Science (M.S.) Program in General Psychology requires 48 credit hours and a non-credit course in library and information use and research.  Students must also complete a thesis prior to graduation. There is one elective in the program.  A typical schedule for full-time students who plan to complete the program in two years is:

PSY 500     History and Systems of Psychology
PSY 504     Psychological Measurement
PSY 507     Psychopathology
PSY 512     Law, Ethics, and Psychology
PHT 502     Philosophical and Theological Anthropology
PHT 535     The Catholic Vision of Spiritual Maturity
PHT 614     Practical Reasoning and Moral Character
LIB 500     Library and Information Use and Research
ELECTIVE (choose one):
PSY 721     Cognitive Psychology
PSY 822     Biological Bases of Behavior
PSY 503     Personality Theories
PSY 605     Developmental Psychology
PSY 690     Thesis Research (6 cr.)
PSY 718     Research Design for the Psychological Sciences
PSY 825     Social Psychology
PHT 633 Major World Philosophies and Religions
PHT 635 Theology of Marriage and Family


A thesis research project is required for the Master of Science (M.S.) in General Psychology. The thesis requires a minimum of six credit hours of coursework (PSY 690 Thesis Research) during which time the student develops a thesis proposal for approval by a thesis committee, conducts the thesis research, and submits a written report for approval by a thesis committee. The thesis topic must be defined in close consultation with the student’s advisor.  Each student must have their thesis proposal approved by the committee prior to submitting the written report.  The thesis research may take the form of a critical review and analysis of a topic or area in the field of psychology, or it may take the form of original research which can be either theoretical or empirical.