Student Testimonials

Matt McCall, M.S.


“To tell the truth, though, I wasn’t just attracted to the curriculum… IPS felt homey. It felt friendly. The students were nice, and really seemed to like each other.” See more testimonials like Matt’s.



Coming from an undergraduate program that was strong in philosophy and theology, but weak in psychology (Thomas Aquinas College), I was initially unsure where to pursue a clinical degree.

Like many Christians, I was somewhat skeptical of secular psychology.

There seemed to be a lot of materialism and relativism mixed in with all the sound clinical science.

Ideally, I wanted a program where I could extract what is best from the science, while maintaining an essentially Christian worldview.

I wanted to be a Christian first, and a psychotherapist second. IPS has helped me understand how to do that.

Fortunately, IPS does not make you choose between faith or science.

The two, of course, are not in conflict, and at IPS you receive excellent training in both.

Over time I came to appreciate the strong grounding we get in psychological science more and more, while the strong Catholic foundation remained constant throughout.

IPS is really a bothand kind of place.

To tell the truth, though, I wasn’t just attracted to the curriculum.

I got a good feeling from my brief visit, from my two interviews, and from my conversations with Financial Aid and the Business Office.

Strangely enough, IPS felt homey. It felt friendly. The students were nice, and really seemed to like each other.

I wasn’t wrong!

My time at IPS has given me close friends, and a truly warm community.

There is a sense of camaraderie among the students, whether its in classes or while studying or during finals or at a party. For that I have been truly grateful.

I begin seeing clients in the IPS Center for Psychological Services this Fall, where I hope to further develop my clinical interests.

So far, I have particularly enjoyed my training in marital therapy with Dr. Nordling, as well as my training in individual interpersonal psychotherapy with Dr. Scrofani.

I hope to continue to grow in both these disciplines during the rest of my time at IPS.

After graduation, I intend to work in group or private practice, seeing a wide variety of psychological disorders.

I am particularly interested in the growing body of research surrounding mindfulness-based psychotherapies (in fact, I hope to write a dissertation about mindfulness), and would love to eventually teach a Christ-centered form of mindfulness, that I have yet to choose a catchy name .