More Than Meets the Eye for M.S. Student at FOCUS Conference

M.S. student Megan Franz

First-year M.S. student and former FOCUS missionary Megan Franz shares her experience of representing IPS at the national FOCUS Conference in Orlando, FL.  More than 6,300 Catholic college students attended the 5-day event held in early January.

“Upon arriving to the FOCUS Conference, I assumed that the majority of the individuals who approached our table would be undergraduates looking for a solid Catholic graduate school of psychology, but what I experienced was so much more!

Yes, there were many students who were attracted to our table due to their desire for a graduate program (and it was amazing to hear their stories!), but there were also many individuals who came to our table because they were seeking support or encouragement in their time of difficulty.

Numerous stories of broken pasts and hurting loved ones were shared.  With each individual we were able to reemphasize the hope and healing found in Jesus Christ and offer concrete advice on where to find the necessary support for their healing process.

I was also moved by the rich diversity found within our Church and how the message of healing touches everyone from priests, to religious, to the laity. From this unique experience, I was renewed in my awareness of how necessary the mission of IPS is to our Church and to our world.  I felt a greater sense of confirmation in my call to pursue clinical psychology as a vocation to heal.

I am excited for the work that Christ is doing through IPS and am truly humbled for the opportunity to be even a small part of such a rich and necessary mission.”