Master of Science (M.S.) Program in Clinical Psychology

Graduate study in the helping professions rooted in psychology and the Catholic tradition.


M.S. in Clinical Psychology Curriculum

The Master of Science (M.S.) Program in Clinical Psychology is a rigorous 65-graduate-credit program that is designed to be completed in two years and two summers of consecutive full-time study, including a year-long externship. The program provides a broad-based clinical experience for therapeutic work and emphasizes the academic, practical and personal knowledge that will enable each graduate to become competent in diagnosis, treatment planning and psychological intervention with children, adults, couples and families while remaining consistent with a Catholic understanding of the person, marriage, and family life.

A typical schedule for full-time students who plan to complete the program in two years and two summers would be as follows:



PSY 512  Law, Ethics, and Psychology

PSY 516  Basic Interviewing and Clinical Skills

PSY 597  Psychology Overview Seminar I (if required)

PSY 610  Child Psychotherapy

PHT 502  Philosophical and Theological Anthropology

LIB  500  Library, Information Use, and Research


PSY 504  Psychological Measurement

PSY 507  Psychopathology

PSY 598  Psychology Overview Seminar II (if required)

PSY 609  Adult Psychotherapy

PHT 614  Practical Reasoning and Moral Character


PSY 611  Marital Psychotherapy

PSY 690  Professional Roles and Clinical Competencies in Counseling and Psychotherapy

PSY 820  Group Psychotherapy




PSY 500  History and Systems of Psychology

PSY 503  Personality Theories

PSY 608  Cognitive/Behavioral Assessment

PSY 691  M.S. Clinical Practicum/Externship I


PSY 648  Diagnosis and Treatment of Substance Abuse Disorders

PSY 692  M.S. Clinical Practicum/Externship II

PSY 827  Cultural, Religious, and Individual Diversity in Clinical Practice

PHT 535  The Catholic Vision of Spiritual Maturity

PHT 635  Theology of Marriage and Family



PSY 605  Developmental Psychology

PSY 629  Career Counseling and Development: Theories and Techniques



The advanced clinical experience in the form of a full-year externship in the second year of study provides opportunities for all M.S. Clinical students to apply and practice clinical skills under direct supervision of licensed professionals in a variety of mental health settings.

The focus of the IPS M.S. in Clinical Psychology program is to enhance the professional opportunities for graduates at the Master’s level. Upon successful graduation, students may be qualified to apply for licensure at the Master’s level in a variety of mental health capacities. However, because licensing laws and requirements vary significantly depending upon specialization and state, it is the students’ sole responsibility to thoroughly research licensing requirements in their state of choice.