M.S. Clinical Professional Development

The M.S. Program in Clinical Psychology offers the following venues for assisting our students as they navigate the many steps toward completing their degree requirements and building their careers.

Professional Preparation

During their first year of study, M.S. Clinical students are offered guidance regarding resume and cover letter writing, professional interview etiquette and strategies, as well as externship applications. At the end of their second year of study, students are offered individual Exit/Career Advising meetings, during which they can discuss their questions related to licensure plan and employment search. 

Relevant Coursework: PSY 680 – Professional Roles & Clinical Competencies

Offered in the first summer session of the M.S. Clinical program, this two-credit course examines the varied professional roles and functions of the mental health professional. This course includes an orientation to professional issues and scope of practice, as well as professional preparation standards and credentialing. The course also addresses critical clinical competencies necessary for a successful externship experience.

Professional Associations

Membership within psychological associations provides innumerable opportunities for networking, job connections and continuing education, while also enhancing your resume or CV.  Below are links to only a portion of the many existing associations relevant to the fields of psychology and counseling, many of which have reduced membership rates for students.

American Counseling Association

Association for Play Therapy

Association for Psychological Science

Catholic Business Network of Northern Virginia

Catholic Psychotherapy Association

Christian Association for Psychological Studies

Fellowship of Catholic Scholars

International Academy of Behavioral Medicine, Professional Counseling, and Psychotherapy

North American Association of Masters in Psychology

Society of Catholic Social Scientists

Application and Interviewing Tips

Upon completing their degrees, IPS graduates have secured positions in a variety of settings, from private practice to dioceses to schools.  With the mental health, counseling, and marriage and family therapy fields continuing to grow, the job market for our alumni is promising.  The links below are a helpful starting point for your job search and preparations.

Job Interview Guidelines

Tips for a Successful Interview

Interviewing Advice

Resume Writing Guidelines

Cover Letter Tips

Writing your Curriculum Vitae


Job Search Links Resources

Jobs in Psychology

Psychology Career Center

Maryland Psychological Association Job Listing

Social Service Job Site

Child & Family Policy Careers

Catholic Jobs Online

Archdiocese of Washington

Archdiocese of Baltimore

America’s Job Bank

Government Job Listings

Salary Survey

Salary Calculator