Financing your education

Cost of Attendance

IPS graduates are in demand, working in Catholic, Christian and secular settings. They’re making a difference in the lives of countless individuals, families and communities. In fact, the outlook for the entire field is promising (See US Bureau of Labor Statistics’ March 2012 report for employment growth for psychologists and mental health counselors).

At IPS, tuition is calculated by credit hours.  For the 2013-14 academic year, Master’s courses are $880 per credit hour and doctoral courses are $890, which comes out to:

Master’s Program Tuition: a total of 65 credit hours over 2 years and 2 summers; externship is in second year.

Fall (13 hours)……………$11,440
Spring (12 hours)……… $10,560
Summer (8 hours)……….$ 7,040

The average master’s student receives $5,000 in institutional aid.

Doctoral Program Tuition:
 a total of 122 credit hours over 4 years and 3 summers. The fifth year is a full-time internship that offers a stipend (varies by site).

Fall (13 hours) …………….$11,570
Spring (12 hours) ………..$10,680
Summer (3-8 hours)……..$ 7,120 (est.)

The average doctoral student receives $7,500 in institutional aid.

Indirect/Living Expenses

Many students find creative ways to pinch pennies and estimate they’re paying about $1,000/month in living expenses.

The official IPS annual cost-of-living survey averages the spending levels of all our students, yielding the dollar amount for calculating federal loan eligibility.   Here is an estimated breakdown*:

Rent (based on $800/month): $12,200
Food: $3,900
Books: $1,500
Transportation: $3,600
Personal expenses: $3,800

* Based on an annual survey of IPS students, which ranged from $9,500/year to $27,500/year and average at $17,000.  IPS permits students to state their Indirect Expenses at $25,000 for the purpose of taking out loans.

“Paying for school is definitely manageable, and has kept me focused and I’ve found part-time jobs to build my resume. The tools I’m getting here are priceless and I know I will use them.” Anna Adams, MS-Plus student, Indiana

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