Financing your education

Types of Aid

Scholarships and Grants — You should apply directly to the various organizations you wish to apply to.

IPS Scholarships — Limited in number, IPS Scholarships are gift aid to students. For more information, call 703.416.1441 x 121.

IPS Assistantships –This program consists in working for IPS in exchange for a tuition reduction. Weekly hour requirements and the amount of the tuition reduction vary. However, an example would be a student working 10 hours per week for 14 weeks for his/her tuition to be reduced by $2500 each semester. Please note: award amounts vary depending on program year and type, and applications are due March 1st.


Federal Work-Study — This program furnishes working positions, both on and off campus; students are paid bi-weekly in the form of a paycheck. The pay-rate and hourly requirements vary, but are generally calculated to be comparable to the value of Assistantships awarded that year. For more information, call  703.416.1441 x 121.

Payment Plans – IPS is also able to offer interest-free installment payments, with no set-up fee.  For more information about setting up a payment plan, please contact the Business Office (703.416.1441 x. 113).

Federal Direct Loans — IPS participates in the William D. Ford Direct Lending Program. For more information, go to  The types of loans are listed below:

  • Stafford Unsubsidized: $20,500 annual maximum, 6.8% fixed interest rate.
  • Grad-Plus: amount up to the student’s Cost of Attendance, 7.9% fixed interest rate.
  • For the Youtube page on federal aid, click here.


VA Benefits — All degree programs offered at the Institute for the Psychological Sciences have been approved for Veterans Educational Benefits by the Virginia State Approving Agency for Veterans Education and Training. More

Private Loans – Alternative & Private Loans require separate applications and have different interest and repayment requirements.