Doctoral Program (Psy.D.) in Clinical Psychology

Doctoral study in the helping professions rooted in psychology and the Catholic tradition.


Doctoral Program (Psy.D.) in Clinical Psychology

IPS graduates with a Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) in Clinical Psychology are trained to address today’s mental health challenges by utilizing advanced psychotherapy skills, psychological testing, and a focus on specific pathologies and concepts within the field of psychology.  Our Psy.D. graduates are working in a variety of settings and positions: private practice, outpatient clinics, diocesan consultation, within the military, and as faculty at clinical psychology programs.

The Psy.D. program consists of 122 semester credit hours of coursework: 103 credit hours of psychology, 13 credit hours of integrative studies in philosophy and theology, and a minimum of 6 credit hours of dissertation research.

Students in the doctoral program must also complete a minimum of 1,250 hours of clinical externship (of which 750 hours occur in the Center for Psychological Services and 500 hours occur in an off-site clinical setting), take a series of comprehensive exams, author and defend a doctoral dissertation, and complete a pre-doctoral internship.

This program adopts as its training model a modified version of the Practitioner-Scholar model, which is based upon guidelines developed by the National Council of Schools and Programs of Professional Psychology (NCSSP).

Nine core areas of knowledge, skills, and competencies serve as the foundation of the IPS program objectives and are embodied by the curricula:

  1. Relationship skills
  2. Assessment skills
  3. Therapeutic interventions
  4. Research and evaluation
  5. Professional roles
  6. Knowledge of basic psychological science content areas
  7. Knowledge and application of ethical principles
  8. Diversity issues
  9. Theory and application of an integrated Catholic approach to psychology


The IPS Clinical Psychology programs aim to prepare our students to become licensed mental health professionals, leaders in their field, and trained in the best empirical, scientific and clinical methods of psychology as well as the Christian understanding of the person, marriage and the family.

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