Doctoral Program (Psy.D.) in Clinical Psychology

Doctoral study in the helping professions rooted in psychology and the Catholic tradition.


Psy.D. Curriculum

The Psy.D. Degree requirements are designed to be completed in five years of full-time study, four years of academic coursework on-campus, and one year in a pre-doctoral internship site. Students are expected to enroll on a full-time basis throughout the completion of academic coursework. In rare cases where significant, extenuating circumstances are present, students may petition the Academic Dean for an exemption to enroll part-time; however,
this exemption period must not exceed one academic year.

Students normally enroll in 14-17 credit hours in the fall and spring semesters and 6-7 credit hours in the summer sessions. A typical course sequence for the completion of the program by students enrolled full-time is as follows:

Academic Year I: Fall

PSY 512 Law, Ethics, and Psychology
PSY 516 Basic Interviewing and Clinical Skills
PSY 610 Child Psychotherapy
PHT 502 Philosophical and Theological Anthropology
LIB 500 Library: Information Use and Research

Academic Year I: Spring

PSY 504 Psychological Measurement
PSY 507 Psychopathology
PSY 609 Adult Psychotherapy
PSY 827 Cultural, Religious, and Individual Diversity in Clinical Practice
PSY 832 Integrative Dissertation Seminar
PHT 614 Practical Reasoning and Moral Character

Academic Year I: Summer

PSY 605 Developmental Psychology
PSY 721 Cognition & Emotion
PSY 899 Dissertation

Academic Year II: Fall

PSY 503 Personality Theories
PSY 500 History and Systems of Psychology
PSY 608 Cognitive/Behavioral Assessment
PSY 718 Research Design for the Psychological Sciences
PSY 822 Biological Bases of Behavior
PSY 681 Psy.D. Pre-Practicum I
PSY 899 Dissertation

Academic Year II: Spring

PSY 611 Marital Psychotherapy
PSY 613 Personality Assessment
PSY 682 Psy.D. Pre-Practicum II
PSY 729 Advanced Statistical Methods
PHT 635 Theology of Marriage and Family
PSY 899 Dissertation

Academic Year II: Summer

PSY 736 Advanced Child Psychopathology
PSY 825 Social Psychology
PSY 899 Dissertation

Academic Year III: Fall

PSY 701 Foundational Clinical Practicum/ Externship I
PSY 724 Advanced Adult Psychotherapy
PSY 734 Advanced Child, Marital, and Family Therapy I
PSY 899 Dissertation

Academic Year III: Spring

PSY 702 Foundational Clinical Practicum/ Externship II
PSY 836 Advanced Personality Assessment
PSY 899 Dissertation

Academic Year III: Summer

PSY 703 Foundational Clinical Practicum/ Externship III
PSY 760 Professional Roles and Issues
PSY 899 Dissertation

Academic Year IV: Fall
PSY 801 Advanced Clinical Practicum/Externship
PSY 820 Group Psychotherapy
PSY 830 The Psychologist as Consultant, Supervisor, and Educator
PSY 899 Dissertation

Academic Year IV: Spring

PSY 802 Advanced Clinical Practicum/Externship II
PSY 899 Dissertation
PHT 535 The Catholic Vision of Spiritual Maturity

Academic Year V: Fall

PSY 890 Pre-Doctoral Internship
PSY 899 Dissertation

Academic Year V: Spring

PSY 890 Pre-Doctoral Internship
PSY 899 Dissertation

Please click here for a PDF document of the Program Training Handbook.