Renowned, Respected Faculty

Experienced clinicians and scholars truly living out their vocation as teachers, training the next generation of psychologists.

“I did a lot of research on the faculty before coming here, and they were a deciding factor in my decision.”

We hear this again and again: students consider our faculty directory to be a “vote of confidence” in the IPS mission and program.  Even though we’re a newer, smaller school, we’ve managed to attract a diverse and experienced faculty who bring to life both the theoretical and practical aspects of our programs.  Most importantly, they dedicate their time and energy to providing the mentoring and supervision needed to provide an enriching and professional training experience for their students.

Most of our clinical faculty are still in private practice, and have worked in mental health institutions, private practices, hospitals, and public service.  Our researchers, philosophers and theologians have all taught at major universities.

Their credentials are impressive and the experience they bring to the classroom is indispensable.  As one student attests, “When we took psychopathology, Dr. Scrofani had a personal story about almost everything we talked about! He has worked with so many clients, gained experience in a variety of places and functions, yet is so humble and has such compassion…What an inspiration!”

Another student testified, “The professors are humble, personable and approachable.  They really live out their vocation as teachers: they desire to pass on their wisdom and experience while being receptive to students’ ideas…I’ve never learned so much about myself, my faith, and psychology!”