Virginia LPC (Licensure by Endorsement)

Step 2a: Endorsement without post-licensure clinical experience


1)    Submit the following completed form: LPC_Application.doc,

  1. Licensure Application by Endorsement which must be signed and notarized (pages 12 and 13)
  2. Internship Verification form (to be completed by your graduate program) (page 20)
  3. Verification of Internship towards residency – optional form (pages 18 and 19)


2)    Verification of License to be completed by each state in which you hold a license (page 21 of application)

  1. Copy of your licensure file from each state (Maryland: verification request form)
  2. Proof of passing an exam in the jurisdiction in which you were licensed (this may be included in your licensure file)


3)    Official academic transcript

  1. Coursework Outline form (pages 16 and 17 of application)
  2. IPS suggested transcript equivalencies chart.


4)    $140.00 fee (check or money order)


5) All of the above need to be sent via post to:

Virginia Board of Counseling

9960 Mayland Drive, Suite 300

Henrico, Virginia  23233




†Fees and Processes are subject to change





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