Campus Services and Support

Student Support Services

“The community-like atmosphere is unlike any other, which has helped me grow in faith and friendship while participating in a rigorous academic program.”

Consistent with its mission, the Institute provides a variety of student support programs, services, and activities that promote student learning and enhance the development of its students. The Dean of Students and the Coordinator of Student Services seek to assist students with social, spiritual, and other support services while enrolled at the Institute.

The Institute strives to provide timely and accurate information to students regarding matters of interest, such as academic events, employment opportunities, lectures, social and spiritual activities. Notification of these events and activities is provided to students via e-mail, through the Student Life Committee, on student bulletin boards, in student mailboxes, in postings on the website, and through contact with the Office of Student Services.

The Office of Student Services also provides information about many services of interest which are available for students in the area. These services include banking, local hospitals and clinics, hotels, parishes, student health services and insurance, places of interest, student-discounted tickets, and transportation.

A student directory is published through the Office of Student Services with student names, addresses, telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses. Students must give approval in order for their personal information to be included in the student directory in compliance with the federal guidelines of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

The Student Life Committee (SLC)

The SLC is the recognized student leadership and student governance body of the Institute and works closely with the Office of Student Services. SLC plans social and spiritual activities for students and serves as the formal channel of communication between the student body and the Institute’s administration. The SLC is made up of eight current members of the IPS student body. There are two types of members: officers and representatives. The four officer positions are president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. Of the four representatives, two facilitate the social life of the IPS student body, one is a member of the Library Committee, and one serves to promote the spiritual aspects of the IPS mission.  Members and officers of the SLC are elected by the student body in the spring semester and serve one-year terms.  In support of the student life programs and services, a student activity fee is paid by each student enrolled at IPS.

Local information

IPS is a commuter campus where the Washington, DC area provides a dynamic backdrop to the student experience.  Students are responsible for securing their own housing but there are resources through the Student Services Office to assist.

Annual Campus Crime Reports

Please visit here for more information.

Student Life

A variety of student support programs, services and activities are part of the campus services and daily life that seek to enrich the social, spiritual and academic development of the students.  These are sponsored by the Office of Student Services and the Student Life Committee (SLC).

Newman Lecture Series

As part of the academic curriculum, students attend the Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman Lecture Series throughout the year.  The series features speakers who are widely recognized for their contributions to the fields of psychology, moral and political philosophy, theology, and law. The Institute promotes this interdisciplinary dialogue to advance the integration of modern social, psychological and Catholic thought.

Living the Call

Successfully juggling a career as a mental health professional with the demands of marriage and family life can prove to be quite challenging. Sponsored by the IPS Office of Student Services, “Living the Call,” aims to assist current students and alumni in facing the difficulties of professional service in order to flourish.  With lectures offered throughout the academic year, the series provides practical advice on issues related to living out one’s vocation as a Catholic psychologist.

Writing Resource Service

A free, student-run program offered on campus, the IPS Writing Resource Service (WRS) allows students the opportunity to have one-on-one assistance in composing, strengthening and refining resumes, CVs, job applications and essays.  The mission of WRS is to help students clearly and effectively communicate, providing a strong introduction to potential employers.  For more detailed information about the services offered, please visit here.

Mentoring Program

Campus Ministry

Based on the mission and vision of the Institute, the Office of Student Services facilitates numerous opportunities for IPS students to grow in their faith formation.

A Chapel on the first floor serves as a center point for Campus Ministry Activities.  Included among these opportunities are daily Mass, weekly Eucharistic Adoration, occasional retreats and evenings of reflection.  In addition, spiritual direction and the sacrament of reconciliation with the chaplain of the Institute are available to students, faculty, and staff. These activities provide the students, staff, and faculty of IPS with a valuable experience of shared worship. A schedule of dates and times for all activities is posted on the Office of Student Services Bulletin Board.

Mind Matters Newsletter

Mind Matters is a monthly newsletter distributed to the IPS community, as well as to prospective students, friends and supporters of the IPS Mission.

Counseling Services

Occasionally students may wish to seek individual counseling.  They can contact the Office of Student Services for a list of local counseling service referrals.

Student Insurance

Students seeking insurance policies can consult the Office of Student Services for a list of companies providing insurance for students.  International students are required to obtain insurance once they are in the United States.

Emergency Treatment

The Institute recognizes that it is responsible for assisting students in obtaining reasonable first aid, including medical treatment in case of emergency, sudden illness or injury while on campus.  It is the responsibility of the student to follow through with additional medical attention that may be required following this emergency treatment.

Disability Support

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) the Institute is committed to providing reasonable accommodation to any student who has a disability. Any student who has a documented disability must provide supporting documentation to the Enrollment Services Office at the beginning of the first semester. Once documentation is complete, the student should inform the instructor directly during the first week of class regarding accommodations made for particular class/classes. Please contact Enrollment Services for more information.