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Leadership Giving

Has the Lord blessed you? Can you make a leadership gift?

Are you blessed to be able to make a multi-year leadership gift to help ensure that IPS continues to grow, to have the maximum impact on society and more fully serve the Church?  If so, please contact IPS about helping us invest in one of the following crucial areas:

National Development

Want to learn more about leadership giving, about how your gift can truly become an investment in the future for IPS? Talk to the experts.  CONTACT US

PsyD Advancement

Education…Theology…the Science of Psychology and the Love of God.  Marrying the two is who we are.  CONTACT US

New Media Advancement

The web is booming…people’s lives are more hectic….new media gets our programs in the hands of a new wave of Catholic Mental health professionals.  CONTACT US

Corporate and Foundation Relations

Returns on investment can rarely be expressed in terms of lives saved…ours can!  CONTACT US

Naming Opportunities

The gift of a lifetime…how about several lifetimes?  CONTACT US