Supporters and Friends

Recognition Societies and Naming Opportunities

Recognition…YOU DESERVE IT!

Recognition societies honor and thank those alumni, parents, and friends who provide us with a high level of annual support. Members enjoy a number of benefits, including invitations to members-only events and special IPS communications. As a small, relatively young school, we don’t have a deep pool of alumni to help us continue to grow our programs. Therefore, we rely on the generosity of our high level donors to continue to develop our programs, increase our enrollment, and assist IPS in our support of society and the Church.

IPS-Donor-Icons (Founders Society)Founders’ Society ($10,000.00+)

The highest level of annual unrestricted support provided by generous supporters who invest in IPS through membership in the Founders Society. Unrestricted gifts have a direct and immediate impact on our students and programs.  CONTACT US

IPS-Donor-Icons (Presidents Society)President’s Society ($5,000.00+)

Generous major donors wishing to make a significant impact through their annual unrestricted support by investing in the Presidents Society, for our President Fr. Charles Sikorsky, LC, JD, JCL to invest in the programs and needs he has identified as being the most mission-critical for the current school year. Unrestricted gifts have a direct and immediate impact on our students and programs. CONTACT US

IPS-Donor-Icons (Deans Society)Dean’s Society ($100.00 + x 5 years)

Created for young alumni who want to have a more significant long term impact for IPS, the Dean’s Society recognizes those who, within just a few years of graduation, are formalizing their commitment to annual giving to IPS by creating a multiyear giving plan. The Dean’s Society focuses on funding academic and student assistant initiatives. CONTACT US

IPS-Donor-Icons (Professors Society)Professors’ Society (various)

Planned gifts create extraordinary opportunities for IPS and build a legacy for the future. The Professors Society is comprised of alumni, parents, and friends who, through thoughtful estate planning, deferred giving, and other forms of planned giving, ensure that resources will be available to support IPS far into the future. CONTACT US

IPS-Donor-Icons (Adjunct Society)Adjunct Society ($500.00 +)

Our mid-level annual fund donors whose investment in IPS helps fund all that we do. From student assistance to new program development, we couldn’t do it without you! CONTACT US

IPS-Donor-Icons (Order of St. Dymphna)Order of St. Dymphna ($1000.00 +)

This special society focuses on helping IPS recruit, retain and provide special opportunities for those leading experts in the field of Catholic Psychology. The members of this society also use their influence and experience to provide a nationwide network and platform for these experts, professors and speakers to share what is so exciting and special about IPS. CONTACT US

IPS-Donor-Icons (Benefactors Society)Benefactors’ Society ($100.00 +)

Generous gifts made by the members of the Benefactors Society are used by IPS to address critical long-term or immediate needs to advance IPS’s mission and sustain its unique and special role in America’s mental health universities. CONTACT US