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Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority regional Metrobus and metrorail services.  Fares include:

Metrobus:  10 and 20 packs of Bus Tokens, 24 Ticket Bus Book, Weekly Bus Passes, Combined Bus/Rail Short Trip Pass and Combined Bus/Rail Unlimited Pass.

Metrorail:  Farecards in $10, $15, $20 denominations, One Day Rail Pass, 7-Day Fast Rail Pass, 70Day Short Trip Rail Pass and SmartTrip Cards.

VRE- Virginia Railway Express

Single Ride, Round Trip, Ten Trip, Monthly and Transit Link, (VRE and Metro combined) tickets and passes including Seniors, Persons with Disabilities and Youth Fares fro VRE commuter rail service in Northern Virginia.

MARC – Maryland Commuter Rail

One Way, Round Trip, Unlimited Weekly, Unlimited Monthly and Transit Link (MARC and metro combined) tickets and passes for MARC commuter rail service in Maryland.

ART – Arlington Transit

25-Token Packs for ART’s local Crystal City Rush Hour shuttle service in Arlington, VA.

Arlington County Bikeways Map

Maps available.

Maps can be obtained through the Student Life Services Office in Suite 511 or for further information please contact Nancy Flynn at (703) 416-1441. Email: nflynn@ipsciences.edu