The Online IPS Master of Science in Psychology

Graduate study in the helping professions rooted in psychology and the Catholic tradition.

Online M.S. in Psychology

Tuition and Fees


2016-2017 Estimated Cost of Attendance

Direct Expenses: Tuition and Fees


Program Expenses Direct Expenses over Program Duration

($708 per credit)

Technology Fee

($50 per class)

Subtotal $26,088


Direct expenses represent the direct cost of a DMU degree. This is the amount that it costs to attend classes. This is the amount that is due to DMU. Beyond this amount there may be incurred other personal expenses associated with attending the program.


Indirect Expenses: Potential Associated Expenses


Program Expenses Indirect Expenses over Program Duration
Technology Maintenance

($250 per class)

Subtotal $3,000


Indirect expenses are highly dependent on individual circumstances. The costs that students pay to maintain their internet connection can vary based on location. These figures represent the loan eligibility for indirect expenses. If there are extenuating circumstances that necessitate a higher level of indirect expenses than this award it is possible to consult the Financial Aid Office to see if loan eligibility may be increased by the extenuating circumstances.


Estimated Total Cost of Attendance

Expense Type Expenses over Program Duration
Direct Expenses $26,088
Indirect Expenses $3,000
Total $29,088


Note that this is only an estimate of actual costs due to the inclusion of indirect expenses which vary from person to person. Also note that there is typically a 3% tuition increase per credit in the every fall which is not included in these figures.

Federal Financial Aid

If you are a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident, you might be eligible to receive federal financial aid, which can help you fund your higher education. The Institute for the Psychological Sciences is certified by the U.S. Department of Education to participate in a variety financial aid programs available to U.S. citizens.

Application Deadlines

Awards are processed on a rolling basis. You are strongly encouraged to begin the application process at least 30 days prior to the start date of your program. Financial Aid applications will be accepted within 30 days prior to the start of your Program, but the Office of Financial Aid cannot be held responsible if funds are not available for disbursement for the term. Delays can occur that are outside of the control of the Office of Financial Aid. You must also maintain all federal aid eligibility requirements for each term in which you are enrolled.

Withdrawal Refund

Students who withdraw from the Online Program following the Institute’s withdrawal procedure, are allowed a commensurate return of tuition and refundable fees. Students will generally not receive a removal of tuition, course fees, and other associated fees until after the end of the published Add/Drop period. The Institute’s refund schedule is the following:

Withdrawal up to

 Calendar Day 6

Withdrawal up to

 Calendar Day 11 

Withdrawal up to

 Calendar Day 17 

Withdrawal after

 Calendar Day 17





*Not valid for Maryland, North Dakota, or Tennessee residents. Please contact the student accounts office at for specific policies for these states or click to this page to view details.

Do you have questions about financial aid? If you haven’t yet applied to IPS, please contact an enrollment specialist at 888-540-2266.