Vibrant Community Life

When you think about going to grad school, you probably picture a competitive environment, where students are striving to succeed at all costs, emotionally detached, working tirelessly, and getting lost in the crowd.

At IPS, it’s different.  Here you’ll find an incredible sense of community inside and outside the classroom, where the faculty, staff and your fellow students invest in you personally.  Of course, as an IPS student you’d work hard and endeavor to become an excellent practitioner; you’ll go through classes with your cohort, share insights, form study groups and tweak your therapeutic skills.

At the same time you’ll meet some friends for life and find much-needed balance and support.   There are opportunities to grow spiritually (like daily Mass), and others to just kick back and relax (like IPS Game Night, or a local softball league).  Equally enriching is exploring with your fellow students the dizzying array of activities and sites offered by the Washington, D.C. metro area.

As one of our students testified, “The quality of the education and the warmth of the IPS community are amazing to find in a graduate program.”

Come and see for yourself why there’s no place like IPS!