Campus Services and Support

Writing Resources Service

We offer a free service for our students – the Writing Resources Service (WRS). It is convenient, located in our library (in the small study room) and offered during normal student hours. It is completely student-run. (If you are interested in working as a consultant, contact Nancy Flynn).

Please email us at or sign up on the door.

What you can expect from the WRS:

  • One-on-one assistance
    • With any stage of writing, including brainstorming or narrowing ideas for a paper, outlining or editing a draft, or reviewing a graded assignment.
    • With any writing assignment, including essays, research papers, dissertations, personal statements, résumés or curriculum vitae.
  • Answers to any questions about writing and APA format/citations.
  • Free handouts and narrated powerpoints on common problem areas for students.
  • Help with ideas, organization, grammar, and APA citations.
  • An opportunity to give anonymous feedback/suggestions regarding the service.
  • Although we take walk-ins, it is best to make an appointment to ensure availability.
  • Please bring any relevant materials: the assignment description, paper for writing down ideas, your computer or a printout of a draft, etc.

Student Feedback about the WRS

“I went into the consultation without any idea as to what I would write about, and by the end of the hour, I not only had a topic but had a detailed outline. The WRS really helped me put together a coherent paper.”

“Initially I did not want to go to the WRS because I thought that since I am in graduate school, I should be able to write papers by myself. However, after swallowing my pride and going, I realized how helpful a source it was. And, it’s not that I do not know how to write papers. It’s just that the WRS helps me to write better papers. It is important to talk about your paper with someone else, to get a second pair of eyes. It helps you to get what you really want to say on paper. This is an important resource that everyone at IPS should consider!”

Sign up on our door for an appointment!